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Christmas is the time for family and holiday tradition. Giving Christmas gifts and toys has come to be a vital part of the Christmas tradition. Take a warm look back at Christmas gifts and toys of Christmas past and celebrate Christmas tradition.
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Worst Christmas Gift Ideas

If you have ever had to pretend to like a Christmas gift so that you didn't upset a family member, then you know that some ideas really are the worst Christmas gift ideas. DO everybody on your Christmas gift list a favor and take a look at this list of the worst Christmas gift ideas and make sure keep well away from buying any of them!

Top Ten Worst Christmas Gifts

1. Socks have to top the list of worst Christmas gifts. Has anybody actually ever been excited about getting socks for Christmas? If people really need another pair of socks then there is a good chance they will buy them for themselves.

2. There must be somebody out there that honestly enjoys Christmas fruitcake but I have yet to meet them. The joke about there being only one universal fruitcake that gets swapped around each Christmas, has lasted so long because pretty much everybody knows it qualifies as a worst Christmas gift. Yet, there is always that one person that still decides to give it regardless. Don't be that person.

3. Amazon gift certificates can be nice to get but keep them to things like birthdays. They qualify as a worst Christmas gift idea because it really shows you had no idea what to get them for a Christmas gift. Plus, you are showing them how much you thought was worth spending on their Christmas gift. Don't let living far away be an excuse. If you can have an Amazon gift certificate sent to them then you can also pick out an actual gift and have it sent to them too.

4. Unless it is of the frilly variety, giving underwear is certainly one of the worst Christmas gifts. Who really wants to unwrap their underwear in front of everybody else on Christmas morning?

5. With the exception of some pre-teens, most people are not going to jump for joy if they the Christmas single from whoever one American Idol that year. They just never date well and if they really are a fan they will have already bought it themselves.

6. Store bought calendars are nearly always tossed aside when they are opened. Chances are the person has already had one bought as a gift and there are only so many calendars one person can hang. The exception to this is if you make your own homemade calendar featuring your own family photos that you then give to other family members. Otherwise, it counts as a worst Christmas gift idea no matter how cute the kittens on the front might look.

7. Self-help books should never be bought by anybody but they person intending to read them. A self-help book is rarely going to go down as anything other than one of the worst Christmas gifts ever given. Think about it. Would you really like to think about somebody going around a bookstore thinking about was wrong with you so that they could give you a book about your failings for Christmas?

8. Perhaps a bit controversial,I know, but don't buy perfume as a Christmas gift unless you are buying for your romantic interest. Even then, make sure you actually know what perfume she wears and that she doesn't already have three bottles of it sitting around from past Christmas gifts.

9. Foot baths may sound like a good Christmas gift idea but they have been given so many times over the years that they now have become cliche and show that not much thought went into gift selection. Plus, how many women do you know actually sit and use a foot bath? So, it will only get used once or twice before finding its new home a the back of a closet.

10. If you give your mother or wife any cleaning products for Christmas you deserve to go down in history as somebody who gave one of the worst Christmas gifts ever.