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Christmas is the time for family and holiday tradition. Giving Christmas gifts and toys has come to be a vital part of the Christmas tradition. Take a warm look back at Christmas gifts and toys of Christmas past and celebrate Christmas tradition.
Christmas toys
Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

If it is important for you to give truly unique Christmas gifts or for them to have a personal touch, then why not consider giving homemade Christmas gifts this year? Far from being the cheap way out, homemade Christmas gifts can often take a good deal more time to put together than a store bought gift. However, knowing that you have given a truly unique gift and a whole lot of your love will make it more than worth the effort.

Ideas For Homemade Christmas Gifts

* Baking or cooking mixes. Do you make the best brownies in the whole world? Is there a friend or loved one that is always going on about how great those cookies you make every Christmas taste? Why not give them the gift of those treats they love so much but instead of actually baking them put the ingredients together as a baking mix. Find a fancy jar, mix up your baking mix and seal in in the jar. Decorate the jar and include a Christmas card with instructions on how to complete the recipe. Not only will they love eating the results of your homemade Christmas gift idea but they will know you have spent some real time thinking about what they enjoy.

* Make your own fancy olive oils and vinegars. Part of the fun of coming up with homemade Christmas gift ideas, is thinking about things you can buy in the shops and making them even better through your personal touch. You could spend a lot of cash buying the foodies on your Christmas list fancy infused vinegars and oils. However, the truth is that with just a bit of forward planning, you can make those vinegars and oils on your own. Just look up some recipes for homemade infused olive oils or vinegars. Then all you need are snazzy looking bottles and you are on your way to a great homemade Christmas gift idea.

* With nearly everybody having a digital camera and some sort of photo software on their computer, a whole new range of homemade Christmas gift ideas have opened up. Does grandma love seeing pictures of the grand kids? Then why not use your digital camera to take a bunch of different photos of your family and the kids. Then use those to print out your own calendar. You can even put family birthdays and events on it. If you don't have the software capable of making such a calendar, you can find stores in the mall or online that will do it at a fairly low cost.

* Make a family cookbook. Just like with the calendar idea above, with computers these days you can do so much. Are there a bunch of favorite family recipes that are kicking around? Why not collect them and make up your own family cookbook. Print out copies and then you can give all your family a homemade Christmas gift that will also become a family heirloom.

* If you have sewing skills then put them to good use. If you can quilt, why not consider collecting a bunch of things that remind you of the person for whom you making the homemade Christmas gift. Then you could put them together to make the truly unique Christmas gift of a personalized quilt.

* Put together your own gift baskets. Online services charge a fortune for gift baskets and chances are they are never exactly what you wanted to send. So, why not put together a homemade Christmas gift by collecting items and making your own gift baskets. If you have somebody on your Christmas gift list that is big into fishing then you could collect fish lures or tea towels with fish on them. Anything connected to the theme that would fit in the basket. I would probably even put some goldfish crackers in there just to be a bit silly!