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Christmas is the time for family and holiday tradition. Giving Christmas gifts and toys has come to be a vital part of the Christmas tradition. Take a warm look back at Christmas gifts and toys of Christmas past and celebrate Christmas tradition.
Christmas toys
Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Here are some simple Christmas tree-decorating tips:

* Drape a garland on every other branch from the top to the bottom, making sure it's not pulled too tight or hanging too low.

* Placing ornaments requires a little planning. Here's where having everything laid out will be a help.

* Big and bright balls should hang deeper into the tree, while smaller and darker ornaments should be closer to the front.

* For tree blemishes, like gaps, flower picks and big ornaments come in handy.

* Whether the topper for your tree is an angel with flowing hair, a flashing gold star or a floral display, it should match the tree's theme.

* Don't forget the tree skirt, which can be just a piece of fabric with the ends tucked in.

* Place decorations in this order: lights, garland, decorations. It will make taking everything down easier.

* Arrange lights 'inside' your tree (about half-way from the tips of the branches to the trunk of the tree) as well as on the perimeter of the tree.

* Mix one of a kind special ornaments with more generic "filler" ornaments.

* To make an impact, plan on using about 10 special themed ornaments for every 2 feet of tree.

* Create repetition by using a consistent filler ornament on your tree. This is a good way to stretch a growing collection of themed ornaments too.

*Plan to use at least a dozen "filler" ornaments for every 2 feet of tree.

*Place ornaments and other decorations 'inside' your tree as well as on the tips of branches, to add depth and interest.